The Bright and The Dark, The Good and Bad We have

There are two sides in the world you can be. The dark. It makes the light shine bright so people can see. The bright. It gives a light so people can see in the dark. Both are good. There’s nothing wrong with being either one or another.

Crying Happy face

Like good and bad experience we have. Your good experience shares an important value to make people do what you did or your bad experience tells people not to do the thing you did so that they can save their time not to make mistake. I told you none of those is wrong. Those two represent ourselves in our lives, the good and bad we have. Whichever comes out of us right now is never wrong.

Any time we’re in the dark, always believe that there will be a light shining bright at the end of the tunnel because life is just a flip of a coin. Furthermore, the good and bad of us bring a good balance. Like a battery, the negative and positive pole complete one another to bring out an energy. You are an energy for yourself and for people. Life is an experience where everyone deserves to be whatever they want to be.


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