In the event management, production is one of budget-consuming aspects that need to be well taken care of. We are very aware of this biggest challenge that we do the best effort to help clients reduce the budget-allocation.

Event organizers in general are too reluctant to get into this craftmanship work, that’s why they hand in the work to their sub-contractors. But we’re different, we take it as a challenge to dive in to this work by producing it ourselves and take a full-control of supervision so that we can visualize our clients’ dreams in the most efficient spending.

Our 25 workers are ready to work day and night through a great spirit of excellence to turn every dream events into reality. Some officers have been through the most challenging and hard-to-conquer projects during their past experience. In Evio, they learn about strategies to optimize manpower in order to create an efficient and effective work.

2000 sqm storage house and 1500 sqm workshop fit in to construct and deliver every client’s expectation where good maintenance is carried out.

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